In one spring day in the first years of the 1980s, I was brought to this earthly world with the utmost collaboration of gynocologist and obstetricians. All this happened in a rainy spring day in the city called Antalya now and Attalia anciently in the afternoon.

At some point in my life I decided to get certified. In Turkish there is a very lovely expression : Kerameti kendinden menkul olmak. We can translate that into English with "self-proclaimed". But there is more in this saying than that. It is used to speak of people who exaggerates their qualities while talking about themselves. How to heal this problem? Easy peasy! You ask others to undersign your qualities. In a world dominated by capitalistic intuitions, this is called a certification mechanism. So i did very so. I went to the institutions which deliver certifications on my beloved qualities. This is as well an approach to quantify the qualities I proclaim to have.

As per today, i am trying to get my professional and personal capacities certified. I hold the following certifications:

My professional certifications and the institutions which delived them are:

My linguistic capabilities are:

You can help me find some. If you have any clue.


kerameti kendinden menkul at TDK