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Quote of the day

“To write a great book, you must first become the book.”

Naval Ravikant

We are having a make-up!

It has been a while since the successful implementation of my site. But some pratices made us review our layout and functionalities. So I am giving a new design and programming for this second version.

This second version will be based on a service architecture. For each module, I am planning to create different applications which will be responsible for their domain of data and they will expose different services for the use of other applications. These applications will not be used by my end users but this site will be based on these services. In the future, these applications will be serving other main applications that I am planning to develop. These future applications will be for the service of businesses.

On the other hand, I am leaving bootstrap as the user interface framework and going to write my own framework for this.

I stuck with Ruby on Rails framework that I love to use.

Please keep tuned for the upcoming functionalities.


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