10-Z : Nuclear shelter

This is a nuclear fallout shelter. First built by the Nazi, then used by the Communists and kept top secret under the control of the Czech army until 1993, it now hosts an exhibition on the Nazi and Communist presence in Brno.

It had been built during the Nazi occupation as a civil defense shelter from American and Soviet bombardment of Brno. From 1946 to 1948, it was home to a winery until its confiscation by the Communists just two days after their February putsch.

It was the most highly classified nuclear fallout shelter in Brno from the Communist era (1959) to protect the city's and region's political representatives. Inside this nuclear fallout shelter, resistant to weapons of mass destruction, a total of 600 people could be housed for three days.

It was classified top secret under Czech army control until 1993.

It is now open to public with an exhibition of things used in the shelter. There is a milk bar close to the end of the visit where you can have a drink or eat.

Let's put a plan of the bunker here for those who would like to visit. You can have a small flyer at the ticket office with this plan and survival informations.

Cze brno 10 z plan