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Beauty in things exists merely in the mind which contemplates them.
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Guinguette : “Small cabaret in the suburbs and the surrounds of Paris, where craftsmen drink in the summer and on Sundays and on Festival days.” One of the best is when it is under the wings of Eiffel Tower. She makes you feel her presence while cheers up dancing with its sparkling lights making you dazed with joy and ecstasy.
Paris ~ FRANCE
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Mare meum
Nothing is more important for me than the Mediterranean Sea and the surrounding cultures and customs.
Marseille ~ FRANCE
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Torre del Oro and Guadalquivir
The great valley and the golden tower built by the Arabic-speaking inhabitants of the Andalusia are still giving life to the region making them feel the nature and history and the continuity of the human kind.
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Valle lombarde disegnate da Adda
I passed two years of my life in the north of Italy and I enjoyed every piece of what this geography offered me graciously.
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It's not only about fried samosa.
Oriental people from the east of Mediterranean to Far East live life more in interaction than the Occidental people. You are there in each other without isolation.
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"Ne pas aimer Paris est un signe de décadence."
Paris received way more attention than any other city in the world. And still you cannot like it, check your integrity.