The Third Man The Fallen Idol
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English • Paperback • 157 pages

The Third Man
Rollo Martins is invited by his school-friend hero, Harry Lime, to post-war Vienna, 'a smashed dreary city' occupied by four powers...

Everyone has a racket, but Martins learns that Lime 'was about the worst racketeer who ever made a dirty living'. What's more, Lime has just been killed – by accident? The truth is almost more than Martins can stand...

The Fallen Idol
Philip is a small boy left in a large Belgravia house with Baines, the butler, and 'thin, menacing, dusty' Mrs Baines. And Baines has a girl-friend. Soon Philip is 'caught up in other people's darkness...'

In the United States The Fallen Idol was originally published under the title The Basement Room.