One Small Sparrow
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Hardcover 223 pages

a parent's worst fear
Michael Leeland was a perfect baby. Bright eyed, blond haired, happy... healthy. Or so it seemed. Until February 26, 1992, when his parents heard the word that would change their family's lives forever. Leukemia.

Only seven months after their precious son's arrival. Jeff and Kristi learned that they had a child who needed a life-saving bone marrow transplant. What they didn't have was insurance coverage for the procedure... or the $205,000 needed to pay for the critical transplant.

a community's greatest triumph
In the eyes of the world, Michael's chances looked bleak. But through the eyes of faith, Jeff and Kristi saw hope. And almost immediately, that hope grew hands and feet as an army of friends and loving strangers banded together in the fight to save their son. In a world where "everyone is looking out for Number One," suddenly, "everyone" was looking out for baby, Michael, becoming players in a miracle so great in magnitude, it could only have been orchestrated by God.

Sometimes, the "good-guys" really do win. Experience the miracle for yourself. Relive a heartwarming, true-life tale of triumph that shouts in a whisper the goodness of God to one broken sparrow... and to us all in One Small Sparrow.