My Life With The Miners
English • Hardcover • 324 pages

ABE MOFFAT retired from the Presidency of the Scottish mine workers in 1961. Born in the Fife coalfield in 1896, he went down the pit at the age of fourteen and was continuously associated with the Scottish miners thereafter -- as mineworker, local Councillor, Union official and for nineteen years their President. 
His memoirs tell a story of over fifty years' single-minded service to his fellow workers. As a Communist Councillor in the early years, Abe Moffat led many a fight against the eviction of unemployed miners, while he himself was being victimised by the coalowners and ostracised by the right wing of his own Union. He was one of the champions of the uniting of the separate miners' Unions into a single organisation, and within a short time he progressed from unemployment and exclusion from the organisation to being President of the Scottish Mineworkers. In that capacity, and during seventeen years on the Executive of the National Union of Mineworkers, he played a leading part in the battles to raise the status of miners under Nationalisation, and no less to bring their organised strength to bear in support of world peace and international amity. Not least will he be remembered for the great part he played in representing the miners in enquiries on pit disasters, and in fighting for pit safety and welfare.
These memoirs of a Communist miner, whose uncorruptible staunchness has won the respect even of enemies, contribute a notable chapter to the history of our times.