Istanbul and the Civilization of the Ottoman Empire
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Paperback 187 pages

"Istanbul and the Civilization of the Ottoman Empire is in fact as much a sketch of Ottoman civilization in its prime as of the metropolis itself. After a brief account of the capture of Constantinople in 1453, and of Turkish history from the beginning to 1556, Lewis describes the sultanate, the ruling groups, the palace and its functionaries, the ulema, dervish orders, and Ottoman prose and poetry." — Middle East Journal

"This work is an outstanding contribution to the history of the fascinating city of Istanbul and of the Islamic era. Lewis has rendered a noteworthy exposition of the splendor and decay concomitant to the political, social, and cultural life of Constantinople under Turkish rule." — The Catholic Historical Review

"At a time when the Ottoman Empire was at its strongest, it was also at its cultural height. Unfortunately, many seem to forget that an intellectual renaissance was occurring in the East as well as in the West. It is well that Bernard Lewis reminded us of this." — The Historian